A Big Event and the Perfect Piece!

I often feel the need to mark special occasions with extra special, creative and personal, “made with love” gifts. Long before the whole DIY movement, as a child, growing up in Palo Alto, an appreciation for the handmade was instilled into me by my parents. Both my father and mother would say, “Don’t buy me anything! Just give me something that you made with your own hands. That will make it so much more special than anything you could ever buy.”

When it came time to think of what I would give my only sister for a big birthday this year, I envisioned this piece. It couldn’t be more her! Not only does she share my love for collecting (and wearing!) jewelry, she also shares my passion for the mid-century aesthetic. We did grow up in an Eichler after all. She also happens to be my biggest fan, so this surprise gift, was well worth the task.

The layout phase

The inspiration came from a retrospective of Art Smith’s work that I saw a few years back at the Brooklyn Art Musem. The necklace is comprised of hand forged sterling silver links, with a vintage Bakelite backgammon piece which I bezel set into the drop pendant. It reminds me of an avocado which both she and I love.

Preparing to solder the links

Turns out it was a big hit and the perfect piece! Here is the picture she posted on her blog upon it’s arrival, but personally, I am looking forward to seeing a photo of it adorning her lovely neck, matched ever so perfectly with a fashionable outfit and an appropriate shoe. If you knew my gorgeous big sister, you would expect nothing less.

What special “made with love” objects have you given to the people who mean the most in your life? Think of just how fun would it be to share them all!


2 Responses to “A Big Event and the Perfect Piece!”

  1. Rosina Didyk says:

    That is beautiful Jessica! I LOVE the loops! I have sewn a few special gifts for friends, the most fun ones are aprons. It is so great to give something that you know is one of a kind.

    • jadavies says:

      Thank you Zene! So sweet of you to say. That’s right! You are the ultimate apron maiden and I so envy your collection. Thank you for sharing that with me. Hoping all is well with you! xo

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