Hello, I’m Jessica,

A born and bred California girl with a passion for the interconnection of all things lovely!

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My husband Ken and I (and our three adorable felines, Pablo, Theo and Jasper) live in a small apartment in the Sunnyside district of San Francisco, somewhat of an oxymoron. I spend my days managing a small, locally based shop, making jewelry, teaching, cooking, baking and motorcycling. I love all things design, art, architecture, food and wine and do my best to keep up to date on the latest things to try. Lucky me to live in such a bountiful area for all of it! Currently we are working on attaining our dream, to find a little place in the country to call our own. I am seeing chickens and a delightful garden plot in our future! Most recently we have begun the renovation of our vintage trailer, a 1959 Spartan Carousel. Hopefully, one day soon we’ll be on our way to our version of paradise, a peaceful country lot. Please wish us luck!